COVID-19 update (23rd March 2020)

Update – 23rd March 2020

The Registry nurses are likely to be redeployed to front line care over the next few days. We apologise if you have telephone appointments booked in the near future. There will be a skeleton staff here for the moment but please check the website for up-to date news regarding the pandemic.

All routine endoscopy and surgery has been cancelled for a period of three months. We appreciate this is a worrying time for everyone. The risk posed to patients by coming to hospital for routine appointments, however, outweighs the risk of delayed endoscopic procedures. Any visits to hospital should be for emergency use only.

A common question is whether having a polyposis syndrome and/or previous bowel surgery causes you to be immunosuppressed. Polyposis does not mean you are immunocompromised but you may have an additional underlying condition that increases your risk. Please follow the current government guidelines but be aware that these may change regularly.

Everyone in the UK can do their bit by staying safe and staying at home wherever possible. We send all patients our very best wishes during this difficult time.

from all of us in The Polyposis Registry