Fionnuala’s (Townson family)story

For 20 years I have been under the excellent care of St. Mark’s Family Cancer Unit. Along with other family members, I am under surveillance due to an unusual bowel cancer gene Lynch Syndrome MLH1. Throughout that time, I have had regular colonoscopies and seen at first hand the many advances in the care and technical process. My appointments are always scheduled 18 months in advance and the preparation arrives well ahead, allowing for planning.
I have been lucky enough to have had the genetic testing which confirmed I am a carrier of this gene and I have also participated in three CAPP studies i.e. clinical research into this disease.
Recently, the unit picked up that a family member in the next generation was being missed through no fault of the unit. And action was taken immediately by the staff member concerned to ensure my niece was furnished with the necessary information and letters to take to her GP for action.
I, and my family feel very well looked after by the team at St. Mark’s and we will always be grateful for the oversight they have of our family.