Jenifer Dapper’s story

I had a routine colonoscopy procedure last week (on Thursday 17/06/21) and I just wanted to express how pleased I was to be in your care for this treatment. I have had several of these procedures in the UK since moving here in 2012, and the experience and care I had with your department was outstanding. 
Arya (apologies if not spelled correctly), the nurse caring for me upon arrival and leading up to the procedure, Dr. Monahan, Jayne Butcher, and the other staff nurses performing the procedure, as well as all the staff nurses who cared for me in recovery – were absolutely excellent. 
Throughout my entire visit, I was extremely comfortable, always met with kindness and respect, and I appreciated how well informed I was throughout my entire treatment. Although I cannot say I look forward to another procedure per se, I do feel reassured and confident in receiving this treatment in the future with your department.